Clothes have no gender.
Fashion has no gender.
Fashion has no gender.

Clothing as an object of self-determination and personality – beyond gender norms. One of our goals is to support Berlin-based designers who create gender-neutral and valuable fashion. Nonbinarity is not a trend, it has been around for thousands of years, in all cultures. Fashion can strengthen self-confidence and individuality, it can give courage – every person can wear what they like. And we love slow fashion – vintage clothing, upcycling, creativity in all its facets.

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It’s your style, your appearance, your space. Dress or trousers, skirt and jacket – the garment doesn’t care who wears it. And why should the gender of the person inside the garment matter? We’re driven to answer: clothing has no gender!

Who decides who gets to wear what? The fashion industry? Society?

Is a person read as male wearing a skirt not socially acceptable, does this person „just“ want to attention or even be provocative – or does that person simply feel comfortable and „free down below“ in a skirt?

The fashion industry, especially in Germany, continues to promote heteronormativity. In the usual consumer temples but even in online stores, there is a clear division into women’s/men’s fashion. While people read as female are looked at less skeptically when browsing in the „men’s department“ than people read as male in the „women’s department,“ people browsing across the gendered sections in a way that doesn’t match cis-heteronormative expectations are still met with judgement.

Imagine if the subdivision of clothing would be sorted by fits and colors. Perhaps the consumer world would then be a bit more creative and relaxed. Mixing styles of „feminine“ and „masculine“ clothing inspires exciting variations in design and tailoring. Clothing can be fun, it can be an experiment! Let’s free ourselves from pigeonholing, norm and the binary.

Clothing is part of communication; the outer appearance shapes the first impression of our counterpart. It is an expression of identity and can also show group connection. Clothing can be political, religious. Clothing is an expression and means of authenticity, of personality. Let’s go out together, celebrate with us the Berlin Queer Fashion Style!


100prozentdivers is a project by Carsta Köhler.

When the curtain goes up…
Stage magic – the fascination when costumes are brought to life by people, movements, light, music etc.. Out of this passion, I have been working full-time and part-time in the costume universe of various cultural areas for many years.


„I would like to see clothing not only as a functional object – clothing can do more. It is a protective cover, it can be a disguise and a covering. Clothing and fashion are art. And it is space. An expression of individuality and identity, a means of non-verbal communication – that’s how I want to look at it and move in it – free of norm, gender and pigeonholing.“